sick design (haha)

its not that sick. haha. but it turned out pretty good considering all the info I had to pack in to a 3x4 inch ad. anyways, i got paid! caaaash money!


AHHH, everybody duck and cover!

American spy satellite 'the size of a bus' is out of control and hurtling towards Earth

In orbit: A satellite the size of a small bus is plummeting towards the earth!


Wedding Photography in Santa Barbara

Hey everybody,

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man, it has been raining a lot in santa barbara! ran across this puddle and made the best of it.

notice the sig? copied garret.


went to the beach

After work last Saturday, Cheri and I went to check out the U.S.S. Reagan. Once again, I only had the fisheye, but I got some decent photos - the light was beautiful!

this last one represents santa barbara to me big time.

another day at ucsb

High noon is supposed to be the worst light. But armed with only a fisheye lens and a few minutes between classes, I though I'd see if I could get anything worth while.

I think with some post production, they might stand a chance! haha..


wine country and new gear!

trip to wine country with the misses last week.

fun in the bathroom with new christmas holster gear:

the 'god-box' factor

"...what I find so satisfying about science ...[is] that the whole community could throw out a cherished notion, and so quickly! That is what makes science different than religion."

-Laurence Krauss, physicist at Case Western Reserve University

I thought this quote was interesting! Mostly because this is how most people see religion - including religious people. As someone who seeks to be religious without being 'religious', I think as Christians, we should be willing to throw out any assumption that we've made about God. It is only in this way that we can see him outside of our own "god-boxes"