Instructions Fail

My baby girl would only go to sleep if i had this music maker working. The batteries died at the worst possible time, so I was desperate to get some new ones in there. I obviously did not read the instructions when trying to open it, because if I had, I might have known about the 2 screws holding the cover on. It got to a point where I thought "there is no way I'm doing this wrong - it must be a defective cover." Anyway, I totally destroyed the thing.


Mammoth men

Yo yo. Alright, so - I've been following this sweet blog all week called Mammoth Men. Its 12 guys who go on a bus trip with cameras in hand, and the blog readers get to choose their adventure and win prizes etc.

Anyway, I sent them some fan art - they loved it, and I think it might have given them the idea to do a "Pee Your Pants" competition. Haha. Anyway, thought I'd share the stuff I sent them.

Here is a photo they posted about to jump into Lake Powell:

then I added myself as the 13th mammoth man, jumping off:

Here is their original logo:

but then during their trip, the bus boke, and they had to cram into a van, so I made them a new logo - haha:
For the contest, they said "make us pee our pants!" - I'm not sure I did that but hopefully I will have made them chuckle a bit. I did a few mash-ups with their photos.

First up, Mammoth chicks:


Gunman mashup. I put Justin Lyon into the photo on the target. Here is the original poster:

here is Justin shooting target:

Here is Justin on the target:

On all three designs, I know I could have spent a lot more time, but for once I wasn't worried about perfect detail, as long as it looked decent.

update: I won! Just kidding. There was some way funnier stuff posted - the winner definitely made somebody piss their pants!


My Halloween Costume

Can you guess who I was? Haha - My brother Garret