Graphic Design Fail

I couldn't resist - this is classic

fail owned pwned pictures
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Time Lapse: Nerding Out

Timelapse Game Playing from austin curtis on Vimeo.

We went to the Game store and picked up a bunch of new games. Much more fun than watching a movie with friends, that's for sure!


Blatant Apple.com Ripoff !

Booooo! That's all I have to say. Have some originality!

Apple.com screenshot:

KissWeddingBooks.com screenshot:

Not seeing it? look at the navigation bar, font, site width, and overall look and feel. Design originality FAIL.

quick, everybody: G00GLE Bomb www.kissweddingbooks.com with the anchor text "Blatant Apple.com Ripoff"!


Why are Slideshows Always Out of Order?

The Problem: You export a bunch of pictures for a slideshow, only to see them display out of order. On closer inspection, you notice that they are in alphabetical/ascii order - just not in a numerical order.

We'd all love to see our images in this order:

But, to our frustration they might show up like this:

Then, you end up doing this:

Countless sites, programs, and services are GUILTY when it comes to this. They either have lazy programmers, or limited processing power - but either way, they are blowing it.

The Solution: When you export your images as a sequence, start the suffix number at 100 instead of 1.

If you do not have that option in the program you use, there are ways around it on a PC:
1. You can get a renaming program (search Google or downloads.com for that).
2. You can select all files and rename the first one like this: picture (100).jpg and it will rename the rest 101,102...

If you're on a Mac, I'm sure there's a way to do it - figure it out - hehe.


ROL Wheel Banner Designs

I recently designed some banners for ROL Wheels. This is a solid company specializing in road bike wheels and their customer service is second to none!

They've got carbon fiber wheels and all kinds of high tech wheelsets if you're into road biking.

Okay, this wasn't meant to be a plug, but I guess now it is :P

I should note that ROL was voted "Best Of Roadbike Review" three years in a row - in a different category each time! And since I bike to work everyday, this was an especially cool project.

I like designing banners. Especially animated ones!


Wedding Photographer Confession

Alright, some photographers may find this unethical, but in this case I don't. What do you think?

Basically, the shot didn't capture the moment, so i helped it out a little bit using other pics from the same sequence. The bride was eating the cake off her husbands face, and he was enjoying it, but as you'll see, he doesn't look too thrilled, and it isn't a very flattering pic of the bride.

Here is the original 2 photos:

As you can see, when I put these together, I got a nicer image:

with a little boost for pop:

unethical photoshop? What do you guys think?