Why are Slideshows Always Out of Order?

The Problem: You export a bunch of pictures for a slideshow, only to see them display out of order. On closer inspection, you notice that they are in alphabetical/ascii order - just not in a numerical order.

We'd all love to see our images in this order:

But, to our frustration they might show up like this:

Then, you end up doing this:

Countless sites, programs, and services are GUILTY when it comes to this. They either have lazy programmers, or limited processing power - but either way, they are blowing it.

The Solution: When you export your images as a sequence, start the suffix number at 100 instead of 1.

If you do not have that option in the program you use, there are ways around it on a PC:
1. You can get a renaming program (search Google or downloads.com for that).
2. You can select all files and rename the first one like this: picture (100).jpg and it will rename the rest 101,102...

If you're on a Mac, I'm sure there's a way to do it - figure it out - hehe.


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