Guys Night at the Amalfi House

Now, I realize these photos are that impressive. Nor did I even take all of them - haha. But this is what goes on every Monday night of my current life, so I thought I'd let you guys in on it.

This is bachelor Christmas decorating at its best.

got to have the fire

Now, you're asking - how did I manage to take this one.. haha - Tim stole the camera as always
You like the drug rug? haha - that's what Garret calls it

theres me and dave - good guy

level 9 represent!

easy braesy

Mark loves when you take his picture.

cheryl's other half

i think kenny is sneezing in this one - haha


did you hear me counting?

We basically spend our time talking about whatever
has been going on that week. Whether it goes into a theological
discussion or just catches us up,
it's definitely good times.

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Garret Curtis said...

yeah sick drug rug. hah. i want that lens! i miss tamiesie from that photo. i dont miss kenny's sneezes. hah.