Political Commentary through photos

I was on a walk with my wife talking about the current political situation, and I snapped these photos. Instead of talking about what I thought they could mean, I thought it would be cooler if anyone looking at this could give an interpretation. All opinions are welcomed.

look closely! haha..


Anonymous said...
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Garret Curtis said...

i like how "all opinions are welcomed", even though you erased someone's comment. hahahaa.

i like that "stop bush"
that fence shot looks amazing dude.

you so smat ah!

Erin said...

I dig both photos, but my comment is on the 'fence flag'. Which is brilliant btw.

Our flag is a symbol of the freedoms we hold so dear. This years election will be the 3rd of 4 presidential elections that I have participated in since my 18th birthday. (I turn 30 in June) I vote regardless of my questioning whether or not my vote counts for anything. I wonder if it will actually make a difference. So for me... the photo represents my feelings on the Electoral Process of the United States of America. I choose to excercise a freedom that I doubt I truly have.

Erin said...

Correction: This election will be the third time I have excercised my right to vote in the four elections that have taken place since my 18th birthday. :)

austin said...

garret: i had to delete that comment cause i didn't agree with it.

i'm playing - it was the typical blogspot SPAM. common Google, get it together!

Thanks for the comments!!! I feel special.

Calvinirco said...

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