More experimenting with timelapse and image sequencing

Adventurous Picnic in the Woods + Photo Sequence from austin curtis on Vimeo.

This is another experiment with photo sequencing set to a great song called Crosses by Jose Gonzales. What did I learn with this one? It's okay to take your time when sequencing non action - blurry camera pans get old. Good times! My main inspiration for this style is Garret Curtis' sequence work from a music video called "Friends" by The Franks - check it out!

Going Home + Sequenced Photos from austin curtis on Vimeo.

My typical bike ride home.

Music: Ain't Right by Diverse (f. RJD2 & Lyrics BorN)

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Sara said...

Both of these videos are great! Although it kind of scares me that you're taking photos from your bike!