new photography site coming soon!

Oh.... this is exciting. Dara and I are relaunching our photography business in 2009, with a new logo, look and feel. Which means a lot of fun for me: new site, new blog, new business cards - EVERYTHING MUST GO!

But "Why?" you might ask....

Well, Curtishots has been great for us, but the name.... the name! What can I say, it sounded catchy and it was an available URL. But, it didn't really say "yo yo yo! We're a married couple that shoots weddings together!"

Here is our old logo:

It was fine at first, but after 2 years I was asking myself "does this branding do our work justice?" The answer was no. Our style has evolved, and so has our target market. We are shifting from a "hey everybody, hire us" to a "hey you, cool couple - WAZZZUP!" haha. well, maybe not quite. Here are a few of the logo variations we'll be using:

I'm not sure if this new logo/branding gets our style across, but that's our hope. What do you people say? (yeah, i'm talking to my 2 blog followers)

these variations are being used in different ways depending on the median. Why? we're done with consistency, thats why! haha. a new logo for every purpose. functionally designed logos. why put a square logo in a horizontal space? why do the opposite? see what I mean?

Here is some of our promo material so far:

A&D promo materials

but wait, there's more:

for every comment left on this post, I will give $1 to this homeless woman I just met today. if you leave more than one comment i may consider it as a worthy additional dollar on your behalf! So comment away, let's see how many people really follow this blog.

don't know what to talk about? how about the idea of multiple logos to fit the many forms they'll be applied to. critique my logos, or brainstorm another one! its up to you.


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Pieter Van Impe said...

Hey Austin,

love the new logo ! Much nicer & up-to-date than the old one.

As for the name, it now indeed reflects that there's 2 of you shooting weddings ;-)

Good luck with the relaunch !


Pieter (from Belgium)