Twitter in Real Life pt 2

Alright, so if you don't know what Twitter is, you need to check out this bomb-ass social site, and while you're there, follow me!

It's basically a micro-blogging type site where your entries are limited to140 words.

Recently, a site called Hubspot, aka: the geniuses behind Inbound Marketing came out with a "Twitter in Real Life" comic. I thought it was pretty funny:

It got my brain going, and so I made my own Twitter in Real Life (click to enlarge):

I was referring to the way that new Twitter users feel when they find out that they can't fit everything they want to say in one line, and how some annoying tweeps use like 5 tweets in a row to get a single thought out (which then has to be read backwards).

Drawing this got me thinking: Maybe I need to do more drawing! I love the idea of doing a comic book. I started a comic as a kid called "Mario vs. Sonic the Hedgehog" hehehe

Then in high school, a friend of mine and I did "Superman, the After Years". It was about an overweight and lazy Superman who could still fight crime, although usually it was by accidentally falling on the assailant and squishing him to death :)


The Day Dreamer said...

You go, Austin! :)

Find any reason to draw you can. I think your pt. 2 is funnier than the original, by the way...

And your Superman comic idea sounds like the high concept for the Incredibles.

Let me know if you post more!

Beth said...

very good idea- I agree with the others- keep drawing. you've inspired me to start back to work on a comic strip idea I've been thinking about.
Following your blog, too. Your sense of humor ought to make this an interesting read.

Anonymous said...


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