Skittles.com - Taste the Social

At first I thought, "How dare the corporate world utilize social media in such a blatant blasphemous way!" It was something different, and undeniably interesting - but could it work?

First of all, you need to see this "site" for yourself. Skittles.com

The easy navigation is as follows:

Home - Goes to Twitter, displaying all talk about Skittles
Chatter - Goes *again* to the Twitter search page
Products - Lists a drop down of products. Each link goes to a Wikipedia page.
Friends - Goes to a Skittles Facebook page.
Media - Videos goes to Youtube. Pics goes to Flickr.
Contact - Goes to a simple contact form

What is social about Skittles?


Wikipedia articles about Skittle flavors - are you kidding me? People tweeting about Skittles? Photos of Skittles? Videos? I mean, is there really that much to talk about when it comes to Skittles?

No. Oh, but wait...

Apparently, there is some buzz around Skittles in all of these networks - but why? Ahem, because people want to see their name come up on the Skittles site. GENIUS! Skittles is using peoples desire to get friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, subscribers on YouTube and contacts/favorites on Flickr by highlighting user content.

Stay Humble:

Since this post will end up on my Twitter page, a link to this post will inevitably end up on Skittles' homepage. Wait! You mean that I too want to share my content with everyone who goes to Skittles.com? Haha, yes.

A Final Tip:

Although you can't move the Nav bar out of the way (user experience FAIL!), you can minimize it - that is if you really want to read about the new Chocolate Skittles on Wikipedia :)


Kenny Hyder said...

I think it's cool, they're trying something different, thumbs up to them. Way better than trying to have a site with flashy graphics and a link to "Follow us on Twitter!" like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

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