Cheese Fail: Okay, so I didn't win

Its all good. I had fun. Of course I'm referring to the Cheesiest photo contest I entered for a prize from the famed Mammoth Men.

I thought it was pretty cheesy:

sniff sniff... No, really, I'm okay. Can you hand me a tissue? Thanks.

I also entered the PEE YOUR PANTS tournament, and wet myself pretty good. Then I figured out that you're not supposed to actually piss yourself. The point was to make them laugh with a photoshop creation or what not - so I dried myself up and created this:

I met these Mammoth Men at WPPI - just about all of them. Very cool guys. Although, it took me a second to get past the celebrity status thing... I need to write a blog post on that actually. Until Then, I say Adieu.


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