A Blog Magazine with no blog or website?

I thought this was retarded interesting...

Blog Magazine

What is it?
A Blogging Magazine. That is: a magazine that writes articles about blogging.

A Magazine for bloggers? Okay, I guess that's pretty cool. So, what's the URL?

There is no URL - it's just a magazine.

Okay, so where is the online version of it? I'd like to read it.

No. It's for bloggers who actually read pieces of paper, you idiot.

Wait, you're telling me that someone is publishing an actual Blogging magazine with no accompanying site or blog?


That is so awesome that it is retarded. And yet, so retarded that it is awesome. How can I get featured in it?

Submit your blog to their website.

Oh, so they dooooooooooo have a website.

Well, not really ... uh... kind of, here you go: Artful Blogging

$15 for a magazine?! Well, no blogger would pay that to learn what they're already doing.

Oh, but they do.



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